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Lead Hotspot Software Engineer



Software Engineering
England, UK
Posted on Monday, January 15, 2024


Blecon is building a new global Bluetooth Low Energy network that enables physical products to communicate with cloud services at a lower cost and complexity than ever before.

Think an AirTags-like network infrastructure that can be integrated and deployed in products by any company.

One powerful aspect of Blecon is flexibility in deployment - Phones, Laptops and physical Hubs can all be enabled as Hotspots for the network by simply installing a corresponding Blecon App. This makes it fast and often free for companies to roll out the coverage they need, leveraging and exploiting the devices and infrastructure they have already put in place.

The Blecon Hotspot Apps form a core part of the network infrastructure, bridging between our Blecon Chip technology and our Blecon Network cloud services that run the global network.

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join us to lead the development of these Hotspot apps.

Blecon is a seed-stage startup based in Cambridge, and you'll quickly become a critical part of the small and talented team we are growing.

The Role

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with appropriate experience to drive our hotspot engineering. You’ll lead development, testing, publishing and monitoring of our native Blecon Hotspot apps across a diversity of mobile and embedded platforms.

Development - leveraging our initial Hotspot releases, you’ll be developing our native Hotspot applications across a diversity of targets: iOS/MacOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Windows (.NET) and Linux (C for Debian & OpenEmbedded). You’ll be working primarily with the lower-level OS functions of the different platforms including Bluetooth, networking, background modes, scheduling and power management.

Testing - building on our initial github actions based development flows and test rigs to test for correctness, performance and regression across different handsets, hardware and scenarios. This supports efficient development, fixes and releases as our own code evolves and the platform hardware and OSes themselves change.

Publishing - automating and managing the publishing processes to the respective App stores and package managers.

Monitoring - integrating telemetry and crash reporting technologies to understand the behaviour of our Hotspots in the real world across a diversity of devices and situations beyond what we can test internally.

Ultimately you’ll help us build a world-leading understanding of the low-level behaviours of different operating systems with regard to Bluetooth, power and hardware variants, and an unparalleled technology and infrastructure to deploy our hotspots across this wide diversity of hardware platforms.

We're looking for an experienced engineer that has demonstrated strong knowledge and experience in production-level software development and deployment across a diversity of mobile and embedded platforms, who can show they would be effective in this role, and be excited to work and contribute in a startup environment.


We are building Blecon in Cambridge, UK. You will be based in or around Cambridge such that it is a sensible commute to our offices so we can all be together a few times a week.

What Next?

If this opportunity is interesting, please apply via LinkedIn and we can talk further assuming your experience seems appropriate.

LinkedIn will ask you to upload a CV and answer a few questions helpful in reviewing. If you don’t have a current CV, feel free to attach a brief note with any relevant information or links that may be useful (e.g. GitHub profile, personal website, past projects, open-source contributions, etc).