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Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Growth Manager

We're looking for a community-minded growth manager with an entrepreneurial approach and a strong desire to build something new. As a seed stage business, we value pragmatism and progress over perfection.

About Prosper

Prosper is on a mission to revolutionise how we save for the long term. We believe that legacy solutions are expensive, the language often complex, the charges obfuscated and the digital experiences dated and clumsy.
New solutions to long-term saving tend to be focused on the first-time investor and heavily biased toward trading, as opposed to saving for the long term. We need better software to help consumers achieve their life goals, not to be sold financial products.
We work as a lean, agile team, testing our ideas quickly and cheaply, iterating to keep heading for the best solutions for our users.
Our founders are Nick Perrett, CEO and Ricky Knox, Chairman. Between the two, Nick and Ricky have raised over half a billion for businesses they have been involved in. They have assembled an incredible set of angel investors in Prosper who have co-founded leading financial services businesses, such as Capital One and Monzo, with a cumulative exit value of well over a billion .
We know there’s not much to see in the wild about us… yet! But get in touch, and we can show you what we’re working on.
We're inclusive and are actively looking to encourage people from different backgrounds and with different ways of thinking to apply.

The Role

We are looking for a Growth Manager to conceive and execute initiatives and experiments to grow the pre-launch founding member base of Prosper and own growth post launch.
You will partner with our founder & CEO, alongside our Design, Engineering, and Operations teams, to rapidly test and iterate on new opportunities. You will notice we didn’t say product, not because we don’t believe in product management, but because we are hiring for our growth function at this pre-seed stage and leveraging the deep product experience of our founding team to solve for product.
On any given week, you may be building a service offering on our website, organising a member’s event, executing and analyzing A/B or multi-variate tests, or devising a strategy to eliminate friction in our sign-up processes.
This person will guide and prioritize the work of a team of engineers and designers focused on this mission.
Our ideal candidate excels at out-of-the-box thinking and can scope and prioritize more considerable efforts into more manageable and realistic goals.

In The First Week, Expect To

Onboard and integrate into Prosper - meet the teams and people you will have long-term working relationships with.
Partner with the CEO to get a fundamental understanding of the vision, strategy, teams, goals, and processes.
Explore the history of the product and team, including assets, design standards, roadmap, and unexplored opportunities that you can lead.

In The First Month, Expect To

Work alongside the CEO on the execution of initiatives, ensuring experiments meet requirements, initiatives are well-defined, and everything is delivered to specification.
Start working with the team to define our growth playbook, goals, and metrics
Dive into user behaviour through existing and new research to inform the growth roadmap
Identify areas of growth and opportunities for growth to add to the backlog.

What does success look like in your first 6 months

Beyond building working software, success of the business is predicated on attracting a large enough audience for whom our software solves a burning problem.
Before we are able to launch to the general public our goal should be to build a successful community of early adopters.
A successful outcome for this role at 6 months would be to build an engaged community of 1000+ founding members that have transacted in some way with ForMore.
What is a transaction with Prosper prior to launch:
Financial Transaction - Opens an account with us and invests in a fund
Data Transaction - Contact details, savings and investment details from existing assets, existing providers, and fees paid
Time/Attention Transaction - Committed time to focus groups, surveys, live events, co-design sessions to help inform and shape future product
Network Transaction - Invited others to join the community of co-founders

What we need from this role

To create and own the Prosper growth playbook - this is our bible, the strategy for what growth experiments we do and, more importantly, do not do and how we do it. A deep thinker will really nail this, someone who thinks about growth as a flywheel, where network effects may be leveraged through the go-to-market strategy or product features themselves
To identify customer cohorts, how we can engage them online & offline
Create and test hypotheses for customer engagement across the entire customer journey (from awareness, to consideration, to conversion)
Create a customer journey that attracts and engages customers, understanding UX/UI optimisation and conversion at every step
Build a funnel to convert customer cohorts into a community of founding members
Grow and manage community through content, customer engagement and referral strategy
We do not expect this person to be the sole owner of the points above but be the connector. Working with the research, design and technology teams and external support where appropriate, to deliver on the above.

What sort of person we need

Customer obsessed someone who looks at the journey and experience from the customer's point of view. Someone who doesn’t need to google “ZMOT” and who understands the bigger picture of why someone might buy from us. Why would they be interested in our service, what problem could it solve for them and what will engage them.
Hypothesis mindset - someone who takes an experimental approach to their work. We are on a road to finding product-market fit as quickly as possible. We need to validate our assumptions on who will value us most. The crafting can come, but for now we are in learning mode. Understanding of cohort analysis won’t send you researching “what is…” on google.
Gets things done - someone who can own growth end-to-end, pulling in freelancers, contractors and members of the team to get things out; or do it themselves where necessary.
Understands and can use data - Evidence is what we are after, especially quantitative. We want someone who understands data and can use it comfortably to prove, disprove any hypothesis.
Growth mindset - We are always learning as a business hence we need people who are also motivated by continuous improvement. We invest energy in our own improvement as part of our process.
Positive, high energy, hustler if you are driving growth, no one will follow you unless you are excited about what you’re doing and can influence those around you to help. You will make it happen, because that’s what you do.

We want to hear from you if

You have significant experience in customer development, new product or service growth
You have experience working in the zero to one stage of new company development
Have worked on an events, membership or subscription organisation model where ongoing engagement really matters
You have experience in and understanding of no-code platforms to connect journey
You have experience with CRM systems or similar to manage customer contact
You have managed a backlog of experiments or similar in the past
You understand how to put together metrics to guide evaluating performance
You are mid-level in your career and are looking for that transformational opportunity to step up
You don’t need to be a copywriter, UI designer, event organiser - but you know what good looks like and hustle to deliver world class outputs against all these areas
You are a storyteller. We are in the attention business, we want to have a chief storytelling officer one day, we know that if we tell a better story than the next person, we may just win

We hope you’re aware of some of these

Experience in AB testing and analytics tracking
Creating and managing email campaigns
Supervise direct response copy
Inbound SEO and Content
Understanding of paid and performance marketing
If you’re worried that you don’t 100% tick all of these boxes, but you think you are the right person for the role, please speak to us anyway. We might not know we need you until we meet you.

Diversity Statement

Prosper is committed to making a measurable positive impact on people's everyday lives. We are an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We believe diverse teams help us make better products and services and actively hire for cultural growth. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. While we are moving in the right direction, we know there are things we have to improve and we will strive to do so.

What to expect

Hello (30m, video call)