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Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Social Content Manager

Who we are

ForMore is on a mission to revolutionise how we save for the long term. We believe that legacy solutions to this problem are expensive, the language often complex, the charges obfuscated, and the digital experiences dated and clumsy. New solutions to long-term saving tend to be focused on the first-time investor and heavily biased toward trading, as opposed to saving for the long term. We will not serve the next generation of savers by getting them hooked on RobinHood. We need better software to help consumers achieve their life goals, not be sold financial products. If you feel the same way, this is your place.


The ForMore team is working hard on an initial beta launch later this year. We have designed multiple user-journeys that we are iteratively testing and building.
Unfortunately, when you search ForMore on the internet…
As you can see, we need some help here ​
We believe in our vision and have no shortage of opinions and things we want to say.
We lack the craft and the focus to get our voice out there.
We have two primary goals for this role:
Employee engagement - Amplify our internal vision and beliefs across social channels, positioning ForMore as a credible and fulfilling place of employment
Customer engagement - Engage a cohort of early adopters who are looking for the solution we are building and build a waitlist of our first customers motivated by our vision

The Challenge

Financial services, particularly savings and investment, can be a noisy space. ForMore is built around the core belief that we do not get value for money when it comes to fees. We need to be laser-focused regarding how we communicate on social channels. Otherwise, we risk going too broad and standing for nothing.
To successfully communicate with followers, anyone posting content needs to be intimately familiar with our company's brand, domain and values. You will need to get under the skin of ForMore as a business so that you can identify if an emerging topic or trend is relevant to ForMore or not.
Regulation plays a significant role in what can and cannot be said. Our regulatory partner will need to sign off on all the copy as part of compliance. This should not be seen as a limiting factor but rather as a challenge to think creatively and differently.


We have strong brand documentation at ForMore, including initial tone of voice guidelines across emotion-led, service-led, and instructional-led comms. These are great in principle but have never been put to the test.
We want you to use this documentation for what it is, a guide. We are looking for someone to put them to the test, stretch them, try them out for real, and iterate them where required.
We have a very active slack channel within the company. This is a great source of content that we believe in and some that we vehemently disagree with. The #goodreads, #knowledgeshare, and #behavioural-economics channels on slack will be a great starting point for you to align yourself with ForMore as a business and a product.


Work with the founder CEO on a content strategy that sets clear goals on who; what; why; how, and when for our social media activity
Growing our number of followers on LinkedIn and Twitter. Our initial hypothesis is that these platforms may represent the best way to reach our first customers, but it’s possible that the Facebook properties, Reddit and TikTok may be relevant.
Optimisation of content to demonstrate increased acquisition and engagement measures around both customer audience and employee engagement
Collaboration with growth manager (to be hired) to convert social channels to waitlist subscribers
Collaboration with product leveraging social followers for product & customer research activities


Content creation
Develop a presence on social media, most likely Twitter and LinkedIn
Create platform-specific text posts in line with our vision & purpose
Optimise content to drive engagement and grow audiences
Content engagement
Find, aggregate and post content that is relevant to the ForMore mission
Engage directly with the content that is relevant to our mission & purpose, likes, shares, comments etc.
Engage directly with our followers on social media, consider their content or question and answer appropriately

Diversity Statement

ForMore is committed to making a measurable positive impact on people's everyday lives. We are an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We believe diverse teams help us make better products and services and actively hire for cultural growth. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. While we are moving in the right direction, we know there are things we have to improve and we will strive to do so.

What to expect

Hello (30m, video call)
Team interview (1h, video call)
Founder interview (1h, video call)
We make a decision quickly and let you know
That's it. Now don't be shy!

How to Apply