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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Budapest, Hungary
Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Senior Software Engineer

September 6, 2023 10:32 AM
Tel Aviv


Work on the core framework at Superlinked. Flex your pragmatic python clean-code skills and help build the user facing library as well as the local executor that translates the library components to a machine learning pipeline to run locally as well as on the cloud.

Sneak peek into the work you’ll do

Framework development
Move us forward on our journey on creating a typed python library that helps the users to define the execution plan that you will take and turn into a machine learning pipeline.
Clean Architecture
Contribute to organizing our code in a way that unblocks and multiplies the collaboration in the future.
Best practices
Establish, follow and promote best practices to optimize delivering quality solutions with your teammates.

Your experience

You have worked with multiple large scale applications with Python. Your experience and continuous thrive for learning allows you to provide pragmatic input on best practices to follow. You think in trade-offs and are not afraid to compromise with a clear communication of the trade-off in favor of a common target. You have seen what makes development stall and what is an absolute necessity to follow. You are well aware of the latest trends and changes within the Python ecosystem and you promote and teach your colleagues to adhere to a pragmatic code of conduct. You work well in a team and leverage the knowledge of your peers to achieve a better solution then you would without continuous feedback.