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Future Roles at Copper in Switzerland



Posted on Thursday, July 27, 2023
Copper is a digital asset technology company dedicated to helping institutional investors safely acquire, trade, and store crypto assets.

Built and led by Dmitry Tokarev, a software and financial engineering specialist, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of custody, trading and settlement solutions that reduce counterparty risk and bring greater capital and operational efficiency to digital asset markets. At the heart of Copper's offering is Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology – the gold standard in secure custody. Copper’s multi-award winning custody system is unique in that it can be connected to centralised exchanges, DeFi applications and even staking pools without the assets leaving the custody.

Built on top of this state-of-the-art custody, ClearLoop™ is the first solution in the market that overcomes a growing industry challenge; counterparty risk with exchanges. This solution underpins a full prime services offering, connecting global exchanges and enabling customers to trade and settle directly from the safety of their MPC-secured wallets. By reducing settlement time for transfers to a few milliseconds (without blockchain network dependency) and offering enhanced security measures, ClearLoop™ is rapidly reshaping the way asset managers trade and manage capital.

In addition to industry-leading security certifications, Copper has one of the strongest insurance coverages in the industry from an A+ rated insurer, positioning the firm as the partner of choice for institutions seeking to safeguard their assets.

If you’re interested in joining Copper but don't see an opportunity that you'd like to apply to, please send us your CV. We'll keep your information on file and will reach out if we find a match!

Insurance overview

Swiss social security system

The Swiss social security system is based on the so–called “three pillar system.”
1st pillar
Compulsory federal old-age and survivors’ insurance, which should guarantee a basic minimum income. The OASI deduction for employees is 5.3%
2nd pillar
Compulsory pension plans that aim at maintaining an accustomed style of living after retirement. (Insured with AXA Insurance Ltd)
3rd pillar
Voluntary individual savings. (Switzerland is noted for its high rate of personal savings.) The employer has neither an obligation to participate nor usually does pay any contributions / premiums to the third pillar.

Unemployment Insurance -

Unemployment insurance provides temporary cover by daily allowances for lost remuneration or the shortfall where part-time or a lower-paid alternative employment becomes necessary. The cover amounts to 70% for a single person and 70 to 80% for married persons of the insured salary (maximum insurable salary is CHF 148’200) for a limited period of time. The maximum length of payment depends on the age and the contribution years.

Accident Insurance -

The accident insurance law covers occupational accidents and illness and non occupational accidents for all employed persons. Insured
benefits include a daily indemnity (short-term salary continuation at 80% of insured salary / ceiling CHF 148’200, from day 3 to day 730) as well as coverage of medical and hospital costs (doctors’ fees, medication, hospital, and clinic services, etc.), subject to a uniform tariff throughout Switzerland. Continued wage payment is 80% from the 61. day for the duration of the insurance benefit.

Daily Sickness Allowance -

The waiting period is 60 days per illness. The maximum insured salary is CHF 300,000 per person and year. During the waiting period, the
employer is responsible for the salary continuation payment (100%). Continued wage payment is 80% from the 61. day for the duration of the insurance benefit.

Health Insurance -

Each person resident in Switzerland must be enrolled in a health insurance scheme within three months after taking up residence. Premiums and benefits vary according to insurance contracts and are privately paid without contributions from employers.

Copper is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace diversity and equal opportunities in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. So, bring us your experience, perspectives, and skills. It is in our differences that we will continue to grow and ensure Copper is transforming how institutional investors engage with digital assets. Copper is a Disability Confident Employer, please let us know if you have a disability. If you require us to provide any assistance during the recruitment process, then we would ask you to highlight this to us and we will be happy to accommodate.