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Senior Product Marketing Manager - New York



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Marketing & Communications, Product
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, February 5, 2024

Greetings, Product Marketing hero 👋🏻

Note: the job post includes images and links, in case you can't see them:

This is not a usual job description, but there is a good reason for that.

It's going to take you 5 minutes to read it, but it is 100% worth it.

Let us explain.

🔮 Welcome to the video first world

In the next few years, 99% of the content we’ll consume online will be video. And most of it will be AI generated. From your everyday PowerPoint presentations to Hollywood movies, AI will transform the way we create and consume content.

Here's the story of how this transformation is unfolding 👇🏻

👀 Fact: Today, people want to watch and listen, not read — both at home and at work.

Don't get us wrong, we love a good book. But our brains are wired to better understand and remember visuals. While text is great for presenting information, it's not as effective for learning as visuals are. For example, a short 2 minutes video will always beat a 5 page instructional booklet (hello YouTube and TikTok tutorials about literally everything on earth 👋🏻).

Given our natural inclination towards visuals, it's no surprise that this preference extends into our professional lives as well. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world has seen an exponential increase in video usage:

  • 👍 First, companies shifted towards video communications as a necessity to stay connected across large distributed teams during the pandemic, and then to accommodate the growing hybrid work environment (hello Zoom, Teams, Google Meets 👋🏻)
  • 👍 Next, companies started investing more in video for advertising and brand campaigns, to capture the attention of the "video-first generation". (hello Instagram, TikTok, YouTube ads 👋🏻)

But despite the growing preference for video, many core business functions, such as employee training, customer service, and internal knowledge sharing, remain text-dominated. (hello boring PDFs, PowerPoints, and Docs 😭)

⚠️ The problem: High-quality video production is still a very complex process

The wider adoption of video in this business context is slow, largely because it's difficult to scale. Replacing text-based content with generic videos is not the solution. People want high-quality, personalized and engaging videos. Meeting these requirements is difficult due to the complexities of traditional video production, which includes a complex workflow:

📝 Scriptwriting → 📹 Filming → 🪄Editing → 🌍 Translation → ↪️ Updating

✨ The trend: AI finally became useful

We are witnessing a remarkable era where the long-anticipated potential of AI is being realized. Since 2022, we've seen a dramatic simplification in creating high-quality text, images, and audio, thanks to advancements in AI technologies like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Dall-e etc. Yet, video production has continued to be a complex and segmented task—until now.

Meet Synthesia

At Synthesia, we're on a mission to make video easy for everyone. As you're a Product Marketer, we’d assume you appreciate us to be as clear and concrete as possible when describing Synthesia. So let's dive in 👇🏻

What is it?

Synthesia is an AI video communications platform for large enterprises. It enables every employee to turn text into high-quality videos, improving communication and knowledge sharing across large, distributed teams.

How does it work?

We're rethinking the entire video lifecycle from first principles, creating the first AI native video platform designed to make it easy for everyone to create, collaborate on and share high-quality video. We're just getting started, but here are a few concrete examples of our product's capabilities:

📝 Scriptwriting: Our AI Video assistant lets you automatically turn ideas or text-based documents such as PDFs, Docs, and more into video scripts and design layouts. (💡See our CEO Victor Riparbelli introducing the AI Video assistant)

📹 Filming: Our AI Avatars & Voices replicate human likeness and voice, enabling you to create more engaging video content, without cameras or hiring actors. (💡 See a sneak peak of our next generation of AI Avatars)

🪄 Editing: Our video editor removes the complexities of traditional video editing tools, enabling people with no prior video experience to create high-quality video content. (💡 See more features)

🌍 Translations: Our 1-click translations feature enables you to automatically translate your videos in over 120 languages, in minutes. (💡 See how it works)

↪️ Updating: Our smart updates feature enables you to keep your video content up to date, without ever having to start from scratch. (💡 See how it works)

Who is it for?

Today Synthesia is already used by over 50,000 companies (and over 50% of the Fortune 500). It enables a wide-range of teams to communicate and share knowledge more efficiently. Here are a few examples:

  • Learning and Development teams from companies like McDonalds and Bosch use Synthesia to create videos for employee onboarding, compliance, up-skilling and programs and more.
  • Sales Enablement teams from companies like Xerox and Zoom use Synthesia to create videos for onboarding sales professionals and continuously educate them on products and offerings.
  • InfoSec & IT Operations teams from companies like SAP and MongoDB, use Synthesia for technical onboarding, technical training, cybersecurity training and more.
  • Change Management teams from companies like Heineken and Dupont use Synthesia to communicate fundamental components of their transformation programs to employees.

👉🏻Read stories from happy customers and what 1,200+ people say on G2.

How is it different?

We get it, you want to bet on a winning horse (in the AI race). We could spend hours talking about our competitive advantages. But we'll highlight three key points for now, and explore the rest with you.

🦄 The fastest growing company in the world (according to G2)

We dare to say working at Synthesia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Why?

  • You get to work with cutting edge AI technology
  • You'll contribute to building a category-defining product (with real product-market fit)
  • You'll work with a world-class team backed by iconic investors (Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures)

Btw, did we mention we raised $90M Series B — reaching the unicorn status in 2023? And yet, we're just getting started...

🤖 Proprietary AI technology

Since 2017, we’ve been pioneering advancements in Generative AI. Our AI technology is built in-house, by a team of world-class AI researchers and engineers. (💡 Learn more about our AI Research efforts and the team behind).

✨ AI Safety, Ethics and Security

AI safety, ethics, and security are fundamental to our mission. We ensure this commitment through a clear ethics framework that guides our decision making, a dedicated Trust and Safety Team, collaboration with regulatory bodies and more. (💡 Learn more about our commitments to AI Ethics, Safety & Security).

About the role

First, we'll quickly explain the role and goals of Product Marketing team at Synthesia.

👨🏻‍🔬 The role of Product Marketing at Synthesia

In short, our job is to effectively bridge our products and the market's demands. And to succeed in that, we must:

  1. Seek truth: Gain a deep, unbiased understanding of the market and our customers' needs.

  2. Ensure clarity: Communicate our value clearly, eliminating any jargon or complexity.

🎯 Our goal in 2024

Quick context: Over the past few years, we've successfully identified and actively focused on one specific segment in the enterprise — Learning and Development teams. Thanks to our success in this segment and our product expanding it's capabilities, we are expanding our focus to address the broader needs for communication and knowledge sharing across multiple teams in enterprise.

2024 goal: Establish Synthesia as the go-to AI video communications platform for large enterprises.

🏆 Your responsibilities

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, your primarily be working on:

  • Segmentation: Identifying and prioritizing key market segments and tailor our approach.
  • Positioning: Creating compelling positioning strategies for each segment.
  • Messaging: Developing and refining our messaging to resonate with our target audiences.
  • Alignment: Ensuring a seamless flow of communication between product marketing, commercial and product teams, aligning goals and strategies.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 The team

We're a small and nimble team of 5 product marketers, each focused on one key area of product marketing:

  1. Customer Insights: Responsible for our Voice of the Customer program and market insights. We do qualitative interviews with over 50 customers per quarter (see here a quick round-up of 2023)
  2. Social Proof: Responsible for case studies, testimonials and reviews.
  3. Feature releases: Responsible for communicating our product releases both internally and externally.
  4. Design & Motion graphics: Responsible for creating marketing collaterals (explainers, video templates etc.)
  5. Segmentation, positioning and messaging: Responsible for overall segmentation, positioning and messaging frameworks.

Even though each team member is well-versed in all aspects of product marketing, we believe in giving everyone clear responsibilities and resources to deliver high quality work. We don't believe in jacks of all trades, masters of none.

Product Marketing at Synthesia reports into VP Marketing.

🌟 Requirements

  • 4+ years of B2B SaaS experience: you've been there, done that (Enterprise experience is a plus).
  • Exceptional copywriting skills: you can convey complex ideas simply.
  • Excellent communication skills: you can create and maintain relationships with multiple stakeholders.
  • Based in London, New York or Copenhagen: this role requires you to be in the office 2-3 times a week.


💸 A competitive salary + stock options in our fast-growing Series C start-up.

📍 A hybrid working environment.

🍼 Paid parental leave.

🏥Private Medical Insurance (Medical History Disregarded basis) including mental health support, dental & vision, cashback and gym discounts. (London)

🌴 25 days of annual leave + public holidays in the country where you are based.

🚲 Cycle to work scheme (London).

🎉 Fun culture with regular socials and company retreats (Portugal, Copenhagen & Barcelona!)

🥳 Regular tasty lunches and office snacks.

👉 A generous referral scheme.

💻 A brand new computer + monitor and an additional home office set-up budget.

🚀 A huge opportunity for career growth as you’ll help shape a market-defining product.

This job is no longer accepting applications

See open jobs at Synthesia.